Memory Aids
Memory Aids are used to provide users with tools to remember the proper differential diagnosis or anatomic relationship relevant to a case. The memory aids below, most of which are mneumonics, are arranged by category:

Erlenmeyer Flask Deformity

Abnormal MR Bone Marrow Signal

Salter Harris Fracture Classification

Causes of Monoarthritis

Vertebra plana

Wormian Bones

Madelung Deformity

Seronegative vs autoimmune arthropathies

Lytic Lesions in less than 30 year age group

Gracile Bones

Multiple Lytc Lesions

Subarticular Lesions

Arthritis Categories

Causes of Periosteal Reaction

Diffuse Sclerotic Bone Lesions

J Shaped Sella

Hypertrophy of Soft Tissue and Bones

Goltz Syndrome

Bone within Bone Appearance


Dense Lines

Elbow Ossification Centers

Lytic Lesion in Posterior Elements of Spine

Causes of AVN

Causes of an Absent Radius

Causes of Protrusio Acetabuli

Lytic Lesion in the Posterior Elements

Bone Tumors Favoring Vertebral Bodies

Subchondral / Epiphyseal Lesions

Fluid Fluid levels on MRI


Interstitial Lung Disease with Increased Lung Volumes

Cavitary Lung Lesions

Cardiophrenic angle mass

Causes of Non-cardiac Pulmonary Edema

Upper Lobe Disease

Unilateral Pleural Effusion

Upper Lobe Pulmonary Pathology

Lower Lobe Pulmonary Pathology

ETT tip Positioning

Unilateral Lung Perfusion

Causes of Lymphangitic Carcinomatosis


Arterial Supply of Nasopharyngeal Angiofibromas

Congenital Brain Vascular Anomalies

CP Angle Masses

Sellar Masses

MRI Blood Product

Solitary Lucent Skull Lesions

Mucocele Incidence in Paranasal Sinuses

Neurofibromatosis Type 2

Suprasellar Masses

Lesions of the Globe

Lesions of the Orbit

Intramedullary / Cord Lesions

Nasopharyngeal Mass

Solitary Lytic Lesion In Skull

Multiple Lytic Skull Lesions

Basilar Invagination

Craniovertebral Junction Anomalies

Associations with Atlantoaxial Subluxation

Carotid to Basilar Artery Connections

Differential Diagnosis of Orbital Masses


Branches of Internal Iliac Artery

Branches of External Carotid Artery

Elbow Articulation

Carpal metacarpal Articulation

Levels of the Brachial Plexus

Nuclear Medicine

Gallium Memory Aid


Calcifying Metastases

Medullary Nephrocalcinosis

Filling Defect In Renal Collecting System

Premenopausal Complex Adnexal Mass On Ultrasound

Endometrial Thickness on Ultrasound

Adnexal Masses in Reproductive Females

Linitis Plastica

Multiple filling defects in the barium colon

Cortical Nephrocalcinosis

Cancers that spread via Lymphatics

Causes of HCC

Causes of Hepatocellular Carcinoma


Pyloric Stenosis

Dense Bands

Lucent Bands

Causes of Microcolon

Common Causes of Intestinal Obstruction in Older Children


Lesion Rotation in Different Mammo Views